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Thirteen years,Let integrity light life;The moon and sun,The light lit the world

Anqing moon and cable co., LTD. Inheritance in wire and cable industry backbone enterprises in anhui province anqing cable factory,Was built in1967Years7Month,Is made、Processing、Sales of wire and cable professional production enterprises。The company covers an area of2Million square meters,With total assets of sixty million yuan,Annual sales of nearly one hundred million yuan。The company mainly produces“The moon and sun”Copper/Aluminium conductor、Steel core aluminum stranded wire、Copper and copper alloy contact wire bare wires, etc、Electrical equipment with wire and cable、Rubber insulated wire and cable、Coaxial radio frequency cable、Electronic cables、35Kv low pressure in the following(Crosslinking)Power cable、Shielded cable、Computer cable、Fire retardant wire and cable、Flame retardant special properties such as resistance water crosslinking cable、Road vehicles with low voltage wire and cable、Plug the power cord wire and cable, etc,Complete specifications and varieties。

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Frequency conversion device of energy-saving effect is very obvious,In high power motor adopts frequency conversion speed regulating motor,The generator set power saving30%......


Davor suker, finance10Month24Promulgated by the fund belongs to the daily said,And other funds belong to market......


Although at present our country wire and cable industry is still in the traditional industry of job type,But,Has become


Itu quoted in the national energy administration and national statistics,Before April grid basic construction project investment866One hundred million yuan


Insulated cable just remember this several kinds of the most commonly used to it,Including the PVC insulated cables


External injury。For example:Cable laying installation substandard construction,Likely to cause mechanical damage,In also easy in civil construction

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The company address:Anqing city Luo Chong industrial park south circular road on the north side
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